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Quito City Tour Plus a Visit to the Equatorial Monument

Ecuador's capital sits high in the Andes in the green, lush valleys of the Andes, surrounded by peaks and volcanoes reaching close to 20,000 feet. Quito is cosmopolitan, scenic, and full of life. Citizens of Quito, tend to be helpful and friendly. The colonial section of Quito, established by the conquistadors in the 1500's, is a living museum of the grand-style Spanish and colonial architecture; its mansions, cathedrals and squares have been sited as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After a visit to the Parliament Building, your tour takes you to the colonial center for a walking tour along the cobblestone streets. You will have the chance to view buildings from the 16th century to the 18th century, including the San Agustin Church and Chapter Hall.

A view of the Equatorial Monument north of Quito, Ecuador
A view of San Francisco Church in the main square in Quito, Ecuador

Then stroll through Independence Square where the Presidential Palace can be found, and marvel at the ornate interior of the Baroque/Moorish Church and Convent of San Francisco. The last part of your tour takes you far above the colonial section where the statuesque guardian of the city—the winged Virgin of Quito—keeps watch over her ancient city. The view is spectacular, not only of the city far below, but of the towering Andes above and beyond. After a short ride North of Quito, you will find the Equatorial Monument, marking the "middle of the world", and standing as a tribute to those French scientists who determined the shape of the earth. Here too, you can visit the Ethnographic Museum, where ethnic groups of Ecuador display their colorful way of life.

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