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Visit the Amazon Region of Peru on the Way to Machu Picchu

Peru Tour - Travel to the Amazon Region of Peru

The Amazon River is born high in the Andes in Peru. Many small rivers combine to form the world's longest river. The Amazon River Basin is a vast ecosystem where thousands of species of birds, fish, and plant life abound.

Iquitos / Amazon River Lodges

3 Days / 2 Nights
Double and Single Rooms Available
Call for Pricing: (877) 213-1688

Fly directly to Iquitos from Lima by jet. This port town was built in the rubber-boom days and is now a base for jungle boat expeditions up and down the river. Overnight in rustic but comfortable jungle camps and lodges. By day you will take short boat trips along the river, walk along rain forest trails and visit Indian villages. By night observe wildlife, including alligators, on the riverbank. Two to five night programs are available. Larger vessels will carry passengers on tours from three to seven days.

Amazon River Lodges - Tambopata Peru

4 Days / 3 Nights - Daily Departures
Double and Single Rooms Available
Call for Pricing: (877) 213-1688

Cuzco is the air gateway to Puerto Maldonado. From there you will be met by your guide and transported up river by motor boat to Tambopata, which has been called one of the most biologically diverse environments on earth. Birders often count up to 100 different species in a day! While on the reserve you will stay in a jungle lodge. You can access the reserve by hiking or motorized canoe and naturalists will guide you and offer briefings on the Amazon rainforest. The reserve is home to the Macaw Lick where thousands of birds converge to feed on the mineral-rich soil- a birder's paradise.

April through December. Special custom designed expeditions and programs are available.

Meet at the Puerto Maldonado airport and drive through town to the Tambopata River port.
After boarding motorized canoes, travel down river to the mighty Madre de Dios, for approximately five hours to the Heath River. Then travel up this wild and intimate river, which forms the wilderness border between Peru and Bolivia, and arrive at the Heath River Wildlife Center. Note that the Lodge is located on the Bolivian side of the Heath River so passports are required to clear Bolivian passport control. After dinner explore the forest by flashlight, including a visit to a small mammal clay lick if it is active. Lunch and dinner included.
Lunch and dinner included.

Rise early in the morning to board a motorized canoe for the 10-minute journey up the Heath River to the macaw and parrot clay lick. Brightly-colored parrots and macaws fly in by the hundreds to feed on the clay that detoxifies certain seeds and nuts they eat. Marvel at the cacophony of sound and color as Red-and-green macaws vie for the best clay-eating position. A specially-designed floating blind allows for proximity and complete concealment -- so observers can even have breakfast and coffee while the birds are performing their morning ritual.
Upon return to the lodge, the guide leads passengers on an ethno-botanical walk through the forest, pointing out flora used in the daily lives of rainforest people. The guide explains how certain plants are used for medicinal or healing purposes, which ones can be made into the best bows and arrows, and how to select trees and leaves for home construction.
After lunch and a short rest, hike through the rainforest to the Pampas del Heath, the largest remaining undisturbed savanna in the Amazon. The contrast is striking emerging from the mature rainforest onto the grassland plain of the Pampas.
Breakfast, lunch,and dinner included

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