Tour to the Nazca Lines of Peru



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The Nazca Lines Are One of the Wonders of Peru

Peru - The Nazca Lines Tour

Paracas, lying some 146 miles south of Lima on a peninsular bay along the Pan-American Highway, is an unspoiled natural paradise where the desert sand reveals treasures of ancient civilizations. Paracas National Reserve is one the most important marine conservation centers of the world, where boobies, flamingoes, penguins, and sea lions abound. Start here for a cruise in the Galapagos Islands and tour to Machu Picchu.

Many exquisite textiles can be viewed in the Paracas Museum. Nearby is the famous "Candelabra" drawing, etched into a coastal dune by the ancients. Ica is the wine and "Pisco" (grape brandy) capital of Peru. On the way to Nazco or Paracas, stop by at one of Peru's fine hacienda resorts for a sumptuous lunch.

Almost 280 miles south of Lima, lies Nazca. Almost 2500 years ago, Nazca was the seat of a pre-Incan civilization highly advanced in both astronomy and ceramic art. Enormous figures of animals, birds, and humans were etched into the desert sands hundreds of years ago. They went unrecognized until the modern age of aviation. Some of the figures are almost 300 yards long! They can only truly be appreciated when seen from the air.

Ica, Paracas, & Nazca

3 days / 2 nights - Daily Departures
Daily Departures - Per Person Prices From:
$1105 (Double) & $1945 (Single)

Day 1 - LIMA / ICA
A four hour drive by private car along the Pan-American Highway takes you to Ica, the wine capital of Peru. Lunch at a Peruvian hacienda. Visit the Archaeological Museum and then overnight at the Las Dunas hotel.

A forty-five minute flight by high-wing light aircraft over the desert to view the mysterious Nazca lines. Then drive north to the Paracas Peninsula for overnight and dinner.

Day 3 - Drive to the Paracas Wildlife Reserve to board a boat to the Ballestras Islands - home to boobies, sea lions, and penguins. Return along the coast to Lima and your hotel. (Note: This program is also available by motor coach or chartered plane.)

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